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2m Local Frequency

I'm often listening to 145.225 Mhz 'simplex' in the Melbourne area.  

I'm at 580m ASL, so if you're anywhere within approximately 100km of the Melbourne CBD, there's a good chance I'll hear you if you call and I'm near the radio.

The map below shows my RF Coverage profile for a radius of 140km from my QTH.  

My on-air observations line up very well with the theoretical coverage shown in the map.   Contacts into Melbourne are mostly always 60dB/9 in signal strength with 25 Watts into a twin 5/8th in Phase Vertical antenna.

The shadows to the North are caused by Mt. Blackwood itself, as I'm located about 120m below the peak.

I can be contacted via email at:
Thursday, 31 July 2008 18:20
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